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Shoutcast Servers 04/01/2007
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Q: How do I use the on-demand content features of the DNAS?

A: The DNAS installs with a folder called content/. Place any MP3 files inside this directory, and they're ready to be streamed on-demand. The server will even automatically generate a playlist for any individual item of content so you can have browsers automatically pass the content off to a player without having to make playlists yourself.


Your server has a file called song.mp3 in the content/ folder. Your SHOUTcast DNAS is running on port 8000 at

Your HTML page should have the following code:

You can listen to my song

NOTE: The file song.pls DOES NOT EXIST in your content directory! If a file with the same name exists with the .mp3 extension, the DNAS will automatically generate the .pls file.

NOTE: Subdirectories DO NOT work for the content section, to help prevent malicious users from tramping around your filesystem.