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Web Hosting 04/01/2007
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Q How do I upload my website

A The best way to upload your site is with an FTP client. We recommend using the free/opensource FileZilla which can be downloaded from here;

Remember to put your files in the /httpdocs directory and to either replace or delete the index.html file. So the homepage that you want to appear first should be named either index.html, index.htm or index.php.

Q How can I easily create my own website with the site builder.

A Site builder help can be found on the Sitebuilder page here. Please contact us to have the Sitebuilder activated for your account.

Q What is the address to login to the control panel?

A If you site is up and running on our servers replace mydomain with your own domain name; provided  in the email or

Remember to go to https and not http. If your domain is not yet delegated or working go to the address given in your joining email.

Q Why can't I access the control panel?

A You need to make sure that you can access port 8443. For security reasons our control panel works on this port. You will need to have your firewall let you access this port. If you are on a managed or corporate network speak to your network administrators to allow you to access port 8443. Also when prompted about the site security certificate select to accept this certificate to continue.

Q How do I login to webmail?

A You can not login to webmail with your control panel username and password. Make sure that you have created the email accounts in the control panel first. You then use these usernames and password to login to webmail.

Q How do I setup my outgoing email server?

A The quickest and simplest way to send your outgoing email is to use in outlook express or any other mail client you may use.

Q How can I further protect my computer from Viruses and Spyware?

A For protection against Spyware and Viruses we recommend to use good branded Anti-Virus.  

Q How do I move my existing hosting to 24Shells Co.?

A Once you have setup your new hosting with 24Shells Co. you will need to find out who you registered your domain through and then go to their site and login to manage your domain name. A password and username for your domain should have been given to you when your domain was registered. On their website there should be a place where you can change your DNS servers to ours which are listed in your welcome email. If you do not have a username and password simply contact the people who registered your domain name and ask them how to delegate your domain.

Q I have delegated (or pointed) my domain to your name servers. How soon will it become active?

A It can take up to 48 hours for a country extensions domain to propagate through out the Internet. .com and other global domains can take up to 12-24 hours to propagate through out the many servers of the internet although often it can be much quicker.

Q How do I preview my new website before I delegate or point my domain name?

A To preview your site for testing purposes before domain delegation click on the Site Preview icon in the control panel.

Q How do I upload my site with FrontPage?

A By default we do not enable MS FrontPage extension on new accounts as most users do not use them. If you would like them enabled simply let us know and we will set them up for you.

Q Why am I over disk quota? How do I reduce space.

A It may be that your email is missconfigured. Check that all your accounts are actually being downloaded. Or you may have an account setup to forward email and also to keep it on the server so it may be building up. Either setup a program such as Outlook to download your email or remove the mail box from the account's setup details in the control panel. You may also have more than a few month's worth of log files in your /statistics/logs/ directory. These raw log files are only useful is you are directly doing your own processing on them which most people don't do. Deleting old log files will not effect your Webalizer Web statistics or other control panel stats as these programs process the logs daily. Make sure you are only keeping 2 month's worth of statistics at the most. This can be checked under the "Log Manager" option on the control panel.

Q Is there a way I can get my the output from a form emailed to me?

A To have the results of your forms in your website emailed to you read this page on Formmail.

Q What are all the directories for in my account?

A The most important directories are in bold;

httpdocs - is the most important where your website files go

cgi-bin - this is where Perl scripts go

error_docs - you can customise the error message files in here that come up when some one clicks on a broken link for example

private - you can put private files in here that can't be accessed from the web

httpsdocs - is for secure https files which you can use if you are on our premium hosting plan

subdomains - any subdomains you create will be found in here

web_users - when you create logins for web users their files will go in here

statistics - here you will find statistics and raw log files of people accessing your website

bin - in here are commands that you can run from the command line if you have SSH access

conf - files can be changed here by the administrator to change certain settings with your hosting setup

etc - various administrator configuration files are stored in here

lib - various library files are in here

tmp - system temp files are stored in here

usr - files to do with SSH access are in here

anon_ftp can be used if you have a dedicated IP address to allow people to download files from your site via FTP anonymously - eg if you were sharing free software

Q What happens if I go over the data quota in a month?

A If you go over quota your account will not be disabled or limited in any way. You will be billed at our standard rate for each gigabyte or part there of above your allotted quota.

Q How often are updates performed to the servers?

A From time to time we carry out updates to the system to ensure the highest security and to upgrade and add features. Information on upcoming updates can be found here.